Eye to Eye with the Whale:

New Tales about Whales


To view some of the exhibition photographs, click here or on the image above.

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During the exhibition, a 6m long baby sperm whale descended into the Tokyo subway system and spent a week at Omote-sando subway station. To see the Tokyo ‘subway whale’, click on the short movie clip below.

Images © 2010-2012 Bryant Austin. All rights reserved.

“Eye to Eye With The Whale” was an extraordinary exhibition featuring life-size photographs of whales taken by California photographer Bryant Austin. Premiering in Tokyo 9-18 December 2010, the exhibition of Austin’s photographs was accompanied by an audio element – the songs of whales. The exhibition also featured the stunning animations of KAWAI Haruyoshi, the foremost Japanese illustrator of marine mammals. There was also exciting video footage of whales from whale watching communities around Japan.

Bryant Austin's huge photos, shown in combination with the whales' highly expressive, rumbling songs, which can travel across thousands of kilometers of the deep ocean, create an impression of great beauty, majesty and power. How much do we know about these creatures? What is it that the whales are telling us with their songs? Even if they are not speaking, or “singing”, to human beings directly, what does the presence of these huge creatures tell us about our own existence on earth?

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